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  • The Times Reference Atlas of the World: 7th Edition - 9780008144005
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The Times Reference Atlas of the World: 7th Edition

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333 x 242 mm / 13.1 x 9.5 inches
Over 45,000
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The seventh edition of this atlas contains the latest mapping, satellite images and fascinating historical images, and contains the breadth, scale and detail to make it an ideal reference resource for school, home and business.

The atlas begins with a selection of satellite images for each continent and well-known features within each continent. A selection of historical mapping follows and shows maps dating from 1852 to 1982, which illustrate how the world’s states and countries have evolved over time. Maps include: Australia 1898 – this map shows the make-up of Australia immediately prior to the end of colonial rule; Europe in 1922 shows the geopolitical aftermath of the First World War; and World Powers 1957, which uses a striking projection invented by John Bartholomew – the ‘Atlantis’ projection. It effectively displays the combative nature of relations between the US and the Soviet Union.

The thematic section introduces key global topics, and is written by experts in their field. Learn more about topics such as the structure of our earth, where earthquakes have occurred, world weather extremes, environment and biodiversity, protected areas of the world, population growth, issues surrounding energy resources, and how we communicate with each other in today’s world.

44 city-centre plans cover each continent and there are larger plans of London, New York, Paris and Tokyo.

The geographical information section contains world and continental statistics and ranking tables. A comprehensive listing is also included of all independent countries, and dependent and disputed territories.

The latest mapping on over 100 reference maps provides an exceptional view of the world. The whole world is mapped and most of Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, South America and most of North America is mapped at a scale of at least 1:7 500 000. Larger scale, more detailed mapping is shown for selected areas, including southeast Australia, the Great Lakes, southwest USA, and southeast Brazil. The index contains over 45,000 entries and includes all names shown on the maps, as well as alternative names. Each index entry includes the country or geographical area in which the place is located, and a map reference to allow it to be easily found.

With The Times Reference Atlas of the World, start exploring, researching and dreaming.


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