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  • Mapping the Second World War - 9780008136581
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Mapping the Second World War

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Peter Chasseaud

Follow the conflict of the Second World War from 1939 to 1945 in this unique volume, published in association with Imperial War Museums, London, featuring historical maps and photographs from their archives, and fascinating commentary from an expert historian.


Over 150 maps tell the story of how this global war was fought.


Types of maps featured:

• Strategic maps showing theatres of war, frontiers and occupied territories

• Maps covering key battles and offensives on major fronts

• Planning and operations maps showing defences in detail

• Propaganda and educational maps for the armed forces and general public

• Maps showing dispositions of Allied and enemy forces

• Bomber and V-weapon target maps


Descriptions of key historical events accompany the maps, giving an illustrated history of the war from an expert historian.


Key topics covered include

• 1939: Invasion of Poland

• 1940: German invasion of Low Countries & France

• 1940: Battle of Britain & German invasion threat

• Dec 1941: Pearl Harbor

• 1942: Turning points: Midway, Alamein, Stalingrad

• 1941-45: Barbarossa and the Eastern Front

• The War at Sea

• The advances to Jerusalem, Damascus and Baghdad

• The War in the Air

• 1944: Neptune & Overlord; D-Day & liberation of France

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