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Curriculum Vitae

Published 26th September 2014 by The Times Atlas

Name The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World, 14th edition

Occupation Reference Atlas of the World

Date of Birth 1895

Place of birth London and Edinburgh

Parents The Times and John Bartholomew & Son Ltd

Current weight 5.9 kg

Dimensions 450 x 310mm


◆ 544 pages including a 44 page beautifully illustrated editorial section, 263 pages of reference maps and a 222 page index with a comprehensive glossary of geographical terms
◆ Over 200,000 place names and geographical features, with 5,000 place name changes and 12,000 alternative and former names

Personal Profile

◆ “The Greatest Book on Earth”
◆ The world’s most prestigious and authoritative atlas
◆ A benchmark of cartographic excellence, from pioneers in atlas publishing
◆ Independent – apolitical and neutral
◆ A treasured possession, the world as it is today in a single volume
◆ Beautifully presented in an elegant slipcase
◆ The ultimate luxury purchase for lovers of travel and maps, and those interested in the world around us


◆ Award winning cartography from the world’s leading atlas-makers with almost 500 years of combined cartographic and geographic experience
◆ A team of 20 cartographers from Collins Bartholomew and over 20 external experts monitor authoritative sources to gather the most up-to-date information, and research change across geographical and geopolitical issues


◆ First edition published in 1895, initially issued in 15 weekly parts (Times published, German mapping)
◆ John Bartholomew & Son prepared the 1922 edition and all successive editions
◆ The Times Atlas of the World New Century Edition (5 volumes) was published from 1955–59
◆ First (single volume) The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World edition was published in 1967
◆ 10th (Millennium) edition, the first fully digital edition was published in 1999 to coincide with the new Millennium
◆ Latest Comprehensive edition is the 14th, published 25 September 2014

Professional and personal references

◆ Described by Ranulph Fiennes as “The Greatest Book on Earth” and Michael Palin as “irresistible temptation
◆ Trusted by governments, media companies and international organisations including the UN and European Commission
◆ Over 1 million copies sold worldwide

The new, completely revised and updated, edition of The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World contains 320 pages of maps and illustrations which show the scale of the world’s physical features, states and territories in exceptional detail, unconstrained by the limits of a screen.

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